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MyVulcan is a restricted access site (the "Site") for commercial entities doing business with Vulcan Materials Company ("Vulcan"). Use of the Site is governed by a separate written agreement ("Agreement") to be signed by an authorized representative of the company, or in the absence of a signed Agreement, by the Terms and Conditions set forth at this URL (the "T&C") which shall serve as the Agreement if Vulcan accepts this account request.

This Site is provided as a convenience to facilitate communication of information regarding your business account with Vulcan Materials Company ("Vulcan"), including in some cases the ability to initiate and review payment processes. Users may not access, view, copy, use, distribute, or disclose any information, materials, or other content ("Content") of the Site for any reason other than the internal distribution within the subscribing company as necessary for internal business processes associated with the orders represented on the Site. This Site is for use in connection with existing orders, only, and nothing accessible via this Site may be construed as an offer by Vulcan to sell any good or service, initiate a new order, change the terms of an existing order, or otherwise to enter into any contract or bind Vulcan in any way (except that acceptance of the Agreement, and any "change of terms" notices will be considered binding). Instead, content should be considered only as either informational regarding the status of your business account, or as providing the ability to complete payment for transactions already materialized. User Credentials will be assigned to individuals, and may not be shared even within your company. The company shall control and be finally responsible for all access to the Site and use of the assigned User Credentials. Vulcan may modify, suspend or terminate access or permission for a company or an individual User Credential at any time, for any or no reason, with or without notice.

The Content can and will be changed at Vulcan’s discretion without notice. The Content comprises proprietary and trade secret materials that are not authorized for general distribution and that derive substantial value from their secrecy. Federal copyright law and international treaties also apply to the Content. CONTENT MAY NOT BE TRANSFERRED OR ACCESSED OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES. ANY ATTEMPT TO DO SO MAY BE A VIOLATION OF BUREAU OF EXPORT AUTHORITY REGULATIONS OR OTHER FEDERAL LAW.

For Assistance, please call the MyVulcan Customer Service Team at 1-800-999-3917 Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm Central.